Saturday, July 18, 2009

Next to the Last Day in California

I will be on the way home tomorrow afternoon and will arrive home around midnight.  It will make for a long day but I am looking forward to seeing Bill and my little doggies.

We had a great time in Las Vegas.  This first photo is of the car temperature gauge when we stopped in Baker.  It is a little fuzzy but it does read 113 degrees.

0709 On the Way to LV

There is a very large outdoor thermometer in  the little town.  We stopped at the Mad Greek Restaurant on the way there and took this photo.

0709 In Baker 

I am not sure if you can read it but it says 108 degrees.  It was hot every day in Las Vegas – usually between 105 and 110.  Of course, we were in air conditioning most of the time so it really doesn’t matter how hot it is outside.  We did manage to go to our favorite little Mexican Food Place a couple of time – Roberto’s!  I learned to love Roberto’s while living in San Diego many years ago and we were delighted to find it in Las Vegas.

I think I have said that we go and sew from Monday morning thru Friday morning.  We can get a lot done in that amount of time.  There are 34 people who go to the retreat each year – 33 women and Jerry!  He is our token male member of the group.  This retreat started 22 years ago and Robin and I have been going most years for the last 10 or so.

Pincushion shells 0709 Box of Pin Cushions

We decided to make pin cushions for each person so spent time last week sewing, gluing and stuffing pin cushions.  We used silicone cupcake liners as the base and filled them with walnut shells.  They were well received.  We also got a pin cushion made by Barb that was gambling fabric in the shape of a heart.  There were a couple of other little gifts and I will post more in the next few days after I get home and get the photos organized.


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