Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quilt Project from Las Vegas

One of the projects we worked on in Las Vegas was a panel quilt.  I bought panels for each of us from Tiny Stitches and most of the rest of the fabric was from Robin’s stash.  We did go out and purchase backgrounds – as usual very different backgrounds.  Otherwise they are the same.

This is Robin’s quilt top.  We both need to add two borders.  We bought light purple for the next border and she has a lovely black on black with cranes on it for the outside border.  I had planned on stealing enough from her to do my border but I forgot so I am looking for something to finish it off.

0709 Robin - Japanese Quilt

Here is mine – I love the background I found.  It kind of looks like Japanese writing but it isn’t – according to Jerry, it is Japanese graffiti, not real writing at all.

0709 My Japanese Quilt Center

Here they are together – exactly alike only different!  We have a slightly different accent fabrics and the pinks are different.

0709 Exactly the Same Only Different

Our friend Jerry Fujimoto designed this quilt and wrote the pattern.  We helped test the pattern for him.  It is very good and I am looking forward to more of his designs.  Here is his website that he is beginning to work on.  You can reach Jerry at jerry@pocketquilting.com.


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