Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2009

Well, yesterday was Halloween and we had one child come to the door. At least we had one - the last 3 years there have not been any. Although we live in a typical suburban neighborhood, we do not have street lights and therefore it is quite dark at night. Since this is the first time that Daylight Savings Time has been in effect at Halloween, it wasn't completely dark when the first (and only) trick or treater came.

Here is the small quilt that is hanging on my front door. I made him several years ago and think he is quite cute. He is one of the early quilts that I quilted on my longarm so it is probably from 2002. I guess I will take it down tomorrow until next year. I don't have a Thanksgiving quilt to hang but will find something. I have found that table runners are the right size to hang on my front door - by the way, we have a glass storm door that protects my door quilts from the weather. We got it so that the little doggies could lay in the sun in the hallway. Not that they are spoiled!


  1. My cats are convinced that the sliding glass door is for their enjoyment & heat absorbtion!

  2. What a charmer! How do you attach your quilts to the door?


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