Monday, May 26, 2008

Last Beginner Class

We had the last class for my beginning piecing class today. It was scheduled to go for 6 weeks but for some reason, we fell behind and decided to extend it for one more class. They all decided that they wanted to come this morning, even though it is a holiday so that is what we did.

Almost all of them had all their blocks made so we spent the morning putting together the quilt top. Most of them were able to finish the center and hopefully will be able to add the borders.

We did talk about borders and I think they all understand what to do but if not, they can come on a weekend and I can help them.

Aren't the sisters cute! They missed some classes but caught up and are making quilts from the same fabric collection but they are turning out looking quite different. My sister and I often make quilts that we call "exactly alike only different" and that is what Kimberli and Tiffani are doing.

I have to sort through the photos of the quilt tops and will post them next. I have found that taking a digital photo is an excellent tool. The quilt looks different when viewed as a photo. You can see color and value much better than when viewing it directly.

I love teaching this class!

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