Monday, August 06, 2007

Crazy Quilted Teddy Bear

I belong to a Crazy Quilting list for Georgia called, of course, GeorgiaCrazyQuilters. One of the members was talking about making a crazy quilted teddy bear and I remembered that I made one when I was living in Australia. Originally, I was going to give it to my daughter but realized that she wouldn't appreciate it so decided to keep it. It sits on a quilt rack/shelf in the guest room and I had almost forgot about it.

I took a class at the local patchwork shop (what is know as the LQS in America) and we made teddy bears. The pattern was made out of brown paper so mush have been made by the teacher. I think there were 4 or 5 weekly classes in all.

Here is the front of Teddy - I used quite a few pink and green fabrics and did embroidery on all the seams, plus added some lace and ribbons. I also did silk ribbon embroidery on some of it. The Teddy is nicely stuffed, quite firm and is jointed so that his legs and arms move freely.

Here is his backside. I am quite proud of him.


  1. Wow, I like your Bear, I made too Bears ( Beertje Zonn )
    Kind Regards,


  2. How cute, he is fantstic. My darling granddaughter would love to get her hands on him.

  3. I just read again and saw that you are making one doing a class. It looks like a neat project!


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