Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Tree

Here is a photo of my Christmas tree. I love each and every ornament on the tree. Most of them are handmade, from the ones my kids made many, many years ago to ornament exchanges from this year. We had an ornament exchange at quilt guild. While it was suggested that we make ornaments for the exchange, it was permissible to purchase one.

We played the left, right Christmas story game and there were about 45 ornaments exchanged. I ended up making a folded fabric pinecone and my friend Ruth received it. I got a box with 3 purchased ornaments in it - they were lovely and look good on the tree.

I think my favorite ornament is one that my daughter Christina made in school over 30 years ago. It is a pink yarn octopus (except it only has 4 legs) and sits proudly on the tree branches each year. If you look closely near the top of the tree, right in front, you can see it.

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