Friday, August 18, 2006

Making Fabric Beads

Here are the beads that I made today at our FiberArtBee. We had so much fun making these. We meet once a month and play with something new to experiment with. Margaret taught us how to make these beads today.
This is me making the beads. We found some wonderful glitter paint and went crazy with it. To make the beads, you start with a one inch piece of a drinking straw. We then covered them with fabric (cut 1 by 2) by painting glue on the fabric and then wrapping them around the straw. After they dried, we wrapped fiber around them, using a dab of glue to anchor the knot. Then we painted. Most of us loved the glitter paint and used it on all the beads.

This is a great group and I look forward to our meeting every month.


  1. These beads are fabulous! Have fun adding them to a project!

  2. Hi Melinda,
    I love making beads like this. Yours came out really nice. You have a lot of fun art work on your blog. Thank you for joining the charms swap!



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