Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmas Gifts from My Sister

Forgot to show the neat gifts from my sister Robin.

1213 Christmas from Robin

She also made me a pin cushion – look at the little airplanes on it. 

1213 Pin Cushion from Robin

Our father was a pilot, actually he was a PILOT.  He was in the Army Air Corps during WWII and lived all his life around airplanes.  He was an executive pilot for an oil company and then ran a Beechcraft dealership and flight school on the Long Beach Airport.  Later he ran a Cessna dealership and flight school.  All our life we were surrounded by planes and pilots.  Most of our vacations were by plane – he would borrow one and off we would go.  He was a member of the Quiet Birdmen – I found a Wikipedia article about them – interesting.

On the back of the pin cushion she put a little label.  I need to get some of these.

1213 Back of Pin Cushion



  1. what sweet presents, do SHARE where she got those labels made!! they are adorable

  2. I ordered the labels on Etsy. You can check her out here. But there are lots of people that do it. The little zipper pouch is the perfect size for my MP3, the bigger one I use for my generic hand sewing items that I can grab and go for anything. It holds a pair of scissors, a couple of threads, needles, inexpensive thimble and a little pin cushion. The bigger one is just a perfect size to grab and throw a magazine or whatever in as I'm running out the door.

  3. We have even MORE in common! We have 4 generations of pilots in my family: my maternal GF (navy...sorry!), Dad, DH and DD all AF pilots. Dad retired, DH flies commercial and DD is still active duty AF. AND my DH grew up in Lakewood CA just RIGHT down the street from the Long Beach Airport! His best friend and DW still live in Lakewood, so we frequent that area alot. I love that little airport! It has a very vintage feel.. Art Deco comes to mind. Happy New Year!


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