Thursday, July 06, 2006

Still More Puzzle Pieces

I managed to finish 5 more pieces today, only 2 more to go. This one is for Sylvia. Her only theme was vintage or blue so I tried to do both. First covered the piece with my trusty dictionary pages. Then brushed on blue paint and wiped it off. Put the word harmony on with a rub-on, glued on some crumpled tissue paper and a small embroidery piece. Finally glued on some cute flower sequins to finish it.
This piece belonged to Brittney and again had no theme. It is hard to work on them with no theme. I loved the size and shape of this piece. I painted it with the green and then stamped the face and crown on. Added jewels to the crown and then used an ink pad around the edge of the piece. Lastly I used glitter glue to make designs on the piece.
Finally one with a theme - Faerie. I used the last of the dictionary page to cover this one. I found a good faerie picture to add to the center and a jeweled flower to put on the upper right. I then put on letter beads to spell out faerie and some paint around the edges to finish it off.
Another theme - this was a fairly large piece. I painted it with the same green paint and then covered it with a picture of fruits. I then stamped a peach on it (Georgia is the peach state) and some swirls. I then used my label buddy to print out eat your vegies. Highlighted it with a silver ink pad to finish it.
Last piece for today. I have wanted to use a bottle cap. I punched out a picture of a rose and then filled the cap with Diamond Glaze - it looks much better in person than the picture shows. This is a very small piece that belongs to Gayle C. Her only theme was vibrant. I started by painting it red, highlighted with silver, glued on the bottle cap, a little fabric stuffed star and some glitter to finish it off.

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