Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Old Hexies

I am speaking at a guild in California next week about hexies and all English Paper Piecing.  I remembered that I had purchased a couple of old quilt tops I bought several years ago on eBay.  I thought I would practice quilting on them but never got around to it.  Amazing that I knew where they were stored.  Here is the first one.

0714 Big Hexies

The hexies are quite large – my guess is 2 inches on the edge. I love all the old fabrics in it.  The blocks are hand pieced and completely random – sometimes identical blocks are right next to each other.  I took a couple of photos of the blocks.

0714 Big Hexies close

0714 Big Hexies green

0714 Big Hexies Red

0714 Big Hexies orange

I need to take it to Michele who knows about old fabrics to see when this was made.  It fits on top of my queen-sized bed so it is probably about 65 by 80.



  1. gosh hexi heaven lol
    an interesting mix of fabrics there, one or two late 40s and some 50s maybe
    and yet some 60s too?
    there was resurgance of hexis in the 60s hippy days as I recall lol
    Nice buy!

  2. I am thinking 50's ish? It's so hard to say for sure! Reminds me of the fabrics in my ebay hexie quilt find that Angela quilted for me though :) - I think you should add a border to it so it's bigger :)

  3. That is certainly a beautiful quilt top. I love all the old fabrics.


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