Friday, July 04, 2014

Balloon Ride False Alarm

My friend Jan had a significant birthday earlier this year and asked her son to give her (and us) a ride in his hot air balloon.  He has a balloon he uses at festivals to advertise his business – Superior Plumbing.  Here is the chase vehicle with Jan and Danielle – the balloon is inside.

0714 Balloon Truck

Unfortunately, that is where the balloon stayed as our flight was cancelled due to wind – thanks to the Hurricane in the Atlantic.

We got up and met to carpool to the take-off site at 5:15 am which meant that I woke up at 4:30 am which is way earlier than I am used to.  Of course, I couldn’t get to sleep early last night so 4:30 came very early.  We got to Alpharetta at 6 am and the truck showed up shortly after.

There was concern because of the wind and a few test balloons were sent up.  About 7:15, the pilot decided that the wind above the trees was too gusty and while we could take off and fly with no issues, he was concerned about the landing.  If the pilot is concerned, we were all concerned.  Hopefully we will get to try again – maybe in the fall.

We did go out and have a nice breakfast at Flying Biscuit.  I had a wonderful plate with creamy grits, topped by fried green tomatoes, eggs and salsa, with a biscuit and sweet tea – a true Southern breakfast.  Yum!

Anyway, we were back home by 9 am and I took a nap – now I am off to work on customer quilts.

Happy Fourth of July wherever you are!


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  1. Yep...the landing is definitely the tricky part when it's windy! You'll love it when you do get to fly! :0)


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