Monday, September 16, 2013

Design Wall Monday–September 16, 2013

Sorry I missed last week’s design wall but was busy with a friend and not on the net most of the week.

Here is what is on my design wall today, it is there simply because I dug it out this morning and hung it up again.  My friend Marti, showed me her completed quilt/wall hanging yesterday and shamed me into getting mine back out.  Not sure I will have time this week to work on it but at least it is out where I can see it.


I am going to put a lime green mini border or flange on and then a piano key border of black on white prints. 

Since I spent the last week helping plan a memorial service and reception afterwards and spending time with my friend who lost her husband suddenly last Sunday, I didn’t actually get anything at all done during the week. I haven’t posted for a week except for my beginning machine piecing class last Wednesday.  I hope to get back at it now.

I received my batik hexies from the swap sometime last night.  They are beautiful.

0913 Batik Hexies from Swap

Here are the ones I sent for the swap.

0913 Batik Hexies for Swap

Since I kept one of each of the sets I made, I have the beginning (and middle) of a great quilt.

For more design walls, go to Patchwork Times.



  1. Do you mind sharing what pattern you're using for the spools? They're adorable and love the 'thread'.

  2. Bless you for being such a good friend! When I suddenly lost my hubby a few years ago, I could not have made it without my friends. There is a special place for people who's heart is so caring they drop everything to come to your aide. I also would be interested in your technique for the thread spools :) Your quilt is going to be lovely!


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