Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Catching Up with Beginning Machine Piecing

Hopefully I can get back to regular posting – I have missed it but so much was going on that it just wasn’t a priority.  The next to last class of Beginning Machine Piecing was last Wednesday which means the last class is tomorrow!

Here are the quilts laid out last week.  The students were putting sashing on for their homework so we will put borders on this week.

0913 Week 7 - 1

0913 Week 7 - 2

0913 Week 7 - 3

0913 Week 7 - 4

0913 Week 7 - 5

Can’t wait until we see the borders.  They will complete the quilts!


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  1. I've been wondering for a long time (you have been teaching this class for a long time), Do you try to guess or can you guess what types of fabrics the people will choose? Do you ever have "I knew that you would be a blue & yellow" girl moments?


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