Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Allatoona Guild Meeting

The guest speaker at our guild meeting yesterday was Judy Wurm who is a Judy Niemeyer certified teacher.  She is going to be teaching workshops for the next three days for the guild.  Ruth Stormack left the guild her all her sewing supplies and we had a sale – made a lot of money.  She had requested that we use the money to pay for a teacher to give classes to the guild members, free of charge.  The project we are going to work on is called Forever Yours and is a wedding ring table runner.

Each of us will be attending one day of class, with the class repeated over three days.  I have signed up for Thursday.

Here are a few of the quilts she showed at the meeting.

0813 Judy 1

0813 Judy 2

0813 Judy 3

0813 Judy 4

0813 Judy 5

0813 Judy 6

She has a wonderful sense of color and picks fabric that works wonderful for the projects.  I took a class from Judy a few years ago but never finished that project.  Since this is a smaller project, I hope I can complete it.

I start a new beginning class today.  In fact I will have two classes – one this morning and another this evening.


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