Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finishing Beginning Machine Piecing

Yesterday was the last meetings of the beginning machine piecing series of classes.  Only one of the quilt tops was completely finished but the rest of them are well on the way.  I think everyone will be able to finish on their own.

0912 Quilt Top 1

0912 Quilt Top 2

0912 Quilt Top 3

0912 Quilt Top 4

0912 Quilt Top 5

0912 Quilt Top 6

They will look very different when they get the borders on.  Most of them were able to get the inner border on last night and just have the final border to do.

Next week we start the Sampler class.



  1. What a fun class, I love their quilts...

  2. Wow these are so lovely, bet its fun!!!!!
    Karen x


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