Monday, September 24, 2012

Design Wall Monday–September 24, 2012

Time for another design wall Monday.  Today I have two different projects to share.  First is a finished project.  It is small but I was able to finish it in just a few days.  I started it at the Modern Quilt Guild sew-in last Thursday night and got it quilted and bound last night.  It is from my favorite new line – Mama Said Sew.  The pattern is by Sweetwater and is called Mama’s Spools.  I uses a charm pack and a little yardage for the background and borders.  Quick and easy!  The spools are actually fused on and then stitched with a straight stitch close to the edges.

092412 - 1

It doesn’t look very square on the wall, but it is – believe me please!  Just need to finished sewing down the label and writing on it.

Next is a quilt I actually started this morning.  I saw a video by Missouri Star Quilt Company about making a quick quilt using two layer cakes.  I brought home a layer cake of Spa which is a wonderful blue and white collection.  The shop didn’t have a white layer cake so I just picked up yardage of Kona White and cut my own 10 inch squares from that.  Lots more blocks to make but here is the beginning of the quilt.

092412 - 2

I am looking forward to quilting this – love the open white areas.  I see lots of feathers in this quilt’s future.  I can’t wait to play more with this.

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  1. I also saw the Missouri star video and it is on my to do list. love your blues.

  2. I love blue and white quilts -- yum! And yes, all that white space is perfect for some very fun quilting!!! :)

  3. Your blue and white quilt is perfect. Going to go watch the video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Loving all things quilty, crafty and design, FONTS appeal to me as well........ :) I had to laugh at myself because what I thought at first glance of the little photo in my blogger read area was.........what a cool "I" quilt!!! Then clicked on it to brimg yourpage up, looked closer and realized they were spools, felt kinda silly.. I should call to have glasses changed. lol!! Is a cool quilt whether its' spools or I's!!! zig zag looks FUN!

  5. Blue and white quilts are my favorite! hope to see the finished product later on.

  6. Love the blue and white quilt. Couldn't find the video on Missouri Star Quilt Co. site. Would love to see it. They have such great directions. Thanks for sharing all your quilts and ideas. Always enjoy reading what you are doing. Thanks!

  7. Isn't it interesting that such a traditional quilt block as spools can become Modern with just a little tweak? Cute! And yes, I was tempted by the chevrons video, too.


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