Saturday, July 14, 2012

Food Trucks in Seal Beach

On Thursday nights, the local food trucks meet at a place close to my sister’s house.  We took everyone and had dinner there.  It was raining some so the crowds didn’t show up.  Here are a few of the trucks.

Bakery truck

Fresh Fries

Komodo Truck

Rancho A Go Go Truck

Seabirds Truck

Spanish Bistro Truck

Street-side Truck

The Lime Truck.  If you remember the Food Network show about Food Trucks, they won the last one.

I looked at all the trucks and finally decided on carnitas fries from the Lime Truck.

Afterwards, I went to the Bakery truck and got a cream puff.

Both were very good.  Here is the rest of the family enjoying their food truck experience.

Atlanta has a new food truck park – must go check it out.  We saw it on the way to the airport.



  1. Man, have food trucks changed. I was in the "car" business for 15 years, years ago, and we counted on the food trucks to come by for our breaks and lunches. What a difference.

  2. That looks so fun. Smyrna is having Food Truck Tuesdays at Taylor-Brawner Park from 6-9pm. I missed the first week but really want to make it next week.


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