Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gifts from Guild Presidents

I have held a position in two guilds this year.  One was Past President (a very easy job) and Quilt Show Chair (a more challenging job).  Tradition says that the current guild president gives a small gift to each board officer and committee chair.

Andrea’s husband is a wonderful woodworker and he made ruler racks for us.  Wonderful ruler racks.

Robin made little art pins for everyone.  They were all different and all wonderful.  Here is mine.

Two fun holiday parties in one week!  Of course there was also the Piecemakers’ brunch and the Tiny Stitches party.  That makes four parties in one week. 



  1. Oh wow....what fun gifts.

  2. Wow! Your calendar sounds like mine! Let's shower & ballet last night; SS Christmas party tomorrow; Stitcher's Group party Tuesday, Christmas musical at church Wednesday, guild Christmas party Thursday, and hubby's station party on Sunday. I'm flat worn out just writing about it! :)

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Melinda, I can't believe that the world being as big as it is that we still manage to run into folks that live "nearby"!! You commented on my Painted Quilts blog, so I was popping in to see your blog. Lo and behold, you mention Tiny Stitches...which I've been to only twice, but loved!! I used to live in Kennesaw (before I became a quilter); now I live in Bethlehem, GA. I loved the story about your guild's charity quilts going to the PD. I belong to Grayson Quilter's in Stitches guild. Do you ever do guest speaking or trunk shows?? i am the Programs Chairman at our guild.
    Jeannie Smith
    oh, and if I win the flannel layer cake squares, I will make small quilt for 9th great grandbaby due in January.


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