Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas with Friends

We went to Red Sky Tapas and Bar on Tuesday night for a little Christmas get-together.  We had hoped to go to tea at the Ritz in Buckhead but couldn’t get reservations until next week.  We were too anxious to exchange our Christmas gifts to wait until then.  Stay tuned though – we are going to the Ritz on the 29th!

Danielle, Jan, Lynda, Stella and me!  We get together every Monday morning and can’t imagine life without each other.  We can count on each other and can’t explain how much our time together means to each of us.

We had some delicious tapas and there might have been a little wine involved.  I made vanilla and hand cream for each of them.  Of course, I forgot to take a photo but they seems to enjoy receiving the bottle and jar.  I even printed labels and used some of my precious Moda twill tape for a bow on each of the hand cream jars.

Here is what Lynda gave me.

It is a little mixing vessel.  Perfect for making scrambled eggs and such.  Each of the others received a different bowl, etc.

Here is from Stella.

I love the little zipper bags and adore the fabric (I think I talked her into buying this a few weeks ago).  I have already put my embroidery project in the larger bag.

Here is Danielle’s gift.

Bread and butter pickles – she makes the best pickles!  Yum!

And here is my gift from Jan.

The ornament is on the tree.  Inside the box was a great selection of cookies and candy – not much left to show but enjoyed!

Have I mentioned that I love these women!



  1. What a fun get together! And it looks like all of you are crafty, too!! :)

  2. nothing like friends you can count on in good times and bad! I love little gifts from the heart.
    Merry Christmas (again!) I think.


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