Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Customer Quilts

I went back to see the Monks and noticed a sign I didn’t see yesterday.  They ask that no photos be put on the internet so I removed the previous post about them.  If you are anywhere near Marietta, GA, stop by and see the Monks and their sand Mandala.  It is worth the trip.

I delivered four quilts last weekend.  One is for a special project and I will not be able to share it for a couple of weeks but it is worth waiting on.  Pia had three quilts for me to quilt for her and I got them all done on last Thursday.

There are two that are very similar.

Here is the second one.

Here is the last one – although it is also made with Asian fabric, it is a different pattern.

All of them are simple overall patterns but they are just what she wanted.



  1. all three are beautiful and your quilting just adds to them! cw

  2. Your quilts are just wonderful, love seeing the quilting up close!

  3. G'day. Beautiful quilts and beautiful quilting. Take care. Liz...


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