Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Customer Quilt

This was a very old quilt made by someone in the family.  It has some age spots  (but who doesn’t) but it is still beautiful.

It is also a very large quilt and had a unusual dark green backing.  I would have preferred a muslin backing but it still turned out nice.  Dot, the customer, is planning on using the quilt on her bed.



  1. Beautiful! I love old quilts! Some one at our guild showed us an old quilt top her grandmother made that she quilted. It too had age spots. She soaked it in something she got from a quilt shop that made it look bright and white as new!

  2. great quilting job, love your feathers! I love sleeping under old quilts, lots of memories. cw

  3. Gorgeous quilt and quilting.


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