Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Small Treasures Auction Donation

Every quilt show, we have a small treasures silent auction.  This year the auction will be quilts with 24” as the maximum side.  So far we have about 27 of them and I finally decided I needed to get one done.

I appliqued this several years ago in a class with Gerry Kimmel-Carr.  She came to the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild and taught a quilt that included this block.  In fact, the quilt consisted of 4 of these blocks surrounded by pieced blocks to make a bed-sized quilt.  It was made in country colors – lots of plaids and such.  I knew I wasn’t interested in making it in these fabrics and I didn’t want a large quilt so I decided to just make one block.  I used hand-dyed fabrics and enjoyed the process.  I then set it aside and forgot about it.  Recently I remembered it and got it quilted yesterday.  Now all that is left is the binding, sleeve and label and I can take it to guild next week to be included in the auction.

I am glad I am getting it finished!



  1. I like how you quilted the leaves, flowers, & vines.

  2. Love your quilt!

  3. I love this applique Melinda. Beautiful work, as always.


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