Saturday, June 25, 2011

Christmas Quilt Progress

I have made a little progress on my 3D Christmas Quilt.  Here is part of the design wall today.


Both the trees and the pinwheels are 3D.  They are fun to make but a little tricky to press correctly.  I have to clip the seams to get them to lay right.



  1. Oh, I love the fabrics you're using. They are so bright and vibrant. I'm kinda new to quilting, and I've never heard of a 3D quilt. Guess I need to go back through some older posts to find out about them and see what makes them 3D. I googled before I left this comment and didn't find much about 3D quilts. Lovely.

  2. What an awesome quilt this will make...

  3. I love Love LOVE those 3-D pinwheels in the corners--that's definitely a brilliant design idea I will use in the future ;-)

  4. This is very cute! love it!

  5. Can you teach us how to make the 3D part? I've never seen it done with a tree before. Love it!


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