Friday, November 05, 2010

Birthday Fat Quarters

At the Allatoona guild we have a birthday club.  How it works is that each member decides on a fabric that they would like for their birthday.  In December we get a list of all the birthdays for the year, along with fabric preferences.  Each month we bring in the fat quarters for the month’s birthdays and a basket is put together for each birthday person.  My birthday is in November so I have been waiting all year to get my birthday basket.  My choice of fabrics this year was bright dots.  Last year, I got black and white and the previous year I choose lime green – surprise!

Here is what I received on Tuesday – lots of fun bright dots!

For next year, I am requesting yellow and/or orange.  I don’t have enough of either color in my stash.



  1. What a fun way to celebrate birthdays. It looks like you got a nice collection of colors.

  2. Those fabrics are so fun! They make me happy! I needed that. :)

    Happy birthday to you, indeed!

  3. Love the dots..Happy Birthday month

  4. Happy birthday! Great haul of fabrics!


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