Sunday, April 12, 2009

Foot Update

I am walking a little better.  I did manage to work on Friday night.  It was pretty exciting with the tornado sirens going off and having to herd everyone into the back of the store.  We had a lot of wind and rain but nothing really bad happened.  It was a little scary though.

I tried to work all day on Saturday but a full day was a little more than my foot would allow.  I did manage to make it until 3:00 but just couldn’t finish out the day. 


I have been putting ice on my left foot regularly and it is a lot better today.  Doesn’t look a lot better but I can almost walk normally now.  I guess I was lucky it wasn’t a lot worse.



  1. Ok Melinda, I know we said just ice and elevate, but your foot looks terrible. I hope it is getting a lot better, but at this point if it doesn't improve quickly, go get an xray at least! Debbie

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    What a nasty bruise; I hope you're all better now. Sorry for visiting so late.


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