Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quilt for Betty

The above is a quilt that my Piecemakers bee made for Betty. She has been a member of the bee previously but had dropped out this last year. Just before the quilt show, her house burned to the ground. Since our exchange this last year was the house blocks, it seemed only right to make a quilt for her. Some of us had extra blocks or made one for her. We ended up with 16 blocks.

At our last meeting, we cut sashing and got the center of the top together. Danielle is going to do some applique on the borders. The borders are another black and white print - this time being mostly white. Not sure what she is going to add but it will look great!

Pam is going to quilt it on her longarm and we hope that Betty will rejoin the group and will be at the Christmas party in December. If she doesn't feel she can rejoin, we will get the quilt to her anyway.

We were short one block so at the meeting, Linda, Michelle and I cut and pieced an extra block. It is the one you can't see well on the lower right.

For 2008, our exchange will be different. We each chose a block to make for everyone. At the Christmas party we will supply each person with a square of fabric for them to use to make our blocks. Each of us will end up with a sampler quilt with some of our selected fabric in each block.

I went to a meeting today with the judging chair and the quilt show chair for our next quilt show which will be in 2009. It is so great to have a quilt show chair so early. I have agreed to be the judging chair for the next show - should be fun and challenging. We have our first steering committee meeting on Monday.


  1. What a beautiful quilt -- and I'm sure your friend will treasure it. I'm catching up on my blog reading so I haven't been commenting but I love the pieces you've been showing. That guacamole quilt is incredible!

  2. What a great quilt, I know Betty will love it. She's such a nice person, I felt terrible when I heard about her house. I hope she's doing OK.

  3. What a beautiful quilt and what a wonderful way to let someone know you care about them.

  4. What a horrible thing to happen to Betty. How wonderful that the group has clubbed together to make her such a great and totally appropriate quilt. Be ready for the tears when you hand it over :)


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