Monday, November 13, 2006

Another UFO - Batik Log Cabin

Here is a closeup of the quilting and one block of the Batik Log Cabin. It was started several years ago as a "bag lady" quilt at Tiny Stitches, my local quilt shop. I then quilted it at least 3 years ago, maybe even longer.
You can see the quilting better here. I used a panto called Angel Wings. The backing is a wonderful batik of many colors.
Here is the whole quilt. I can't believe it took so long to finally put the binding on it. Of course, I couldn't find matching fabric for the binding but there was enough of the backing fabric left. It looks pretty good.

I really love the batiks and the shop continues to get more and more of them in. Would like to have some of all of the them, but just can't justify buying and storing them all.

About batiks - my FiberArtBee met last Friday and we used soy wax to start batiking on fabric. We used kitchen utensils and stamps, etc. to wax the fabric. Next month we are going to actually dye the fabric so I will show pictures then.

Also, I finished quilting the black and white and lime green quilt last night. Need to get it bound and into the shop.

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  1. Melinda, I've just read your whole blog and I'm amazed at your wide and varied talents! Very pretty things.


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