Friday, May 15, 2009

Road Trip

We made our road trip to Mary Jo’s on Wednesday and had a wonderful time.  The guild had planned a bus trip for this day but we had to cancel because we did not get enough people to sign up.  We didn’t get close enough to the cost of the bus to pay for it. 

Teresa has a nephew who drives a limo and she suggested that 7 of us go anyway.  So we decided to go.  When we got there we met another group of 4 that came together.  They actually had lunch at the same place – small world.

We started early by meeting at the local mall at 6:15 in the morning.  The limo showed up right after that – a long white limo!  Lewis was our driver and he did a great job.

There were 6 of us at that time and we got on the road.  Thankfully we didn’t run into much traffic.  After getting to the other side of Atlanta, we stopped to pick up Dave.  He got in the car with champagne.  We broke out the glasses and mixed Mimosas.  We also had croissants and fresh fruit. 

0509 On the Way

0509 One the Way 2

We got to North Carolina about 10:30 and stopped at Longcreek Mills and did some shopping for thread.  I bought a couple of cones to use on the longarm and a large cone of kitchen cotton to use to knit more dishcloths. 

0509 Cotton Yarn

We then went to the shopping center where Mary Jo’s is and had lunch at Longhorn.  There were a few margaritas involved but I managed with a diet coke.

After lunch we went to Mary Jo’s and a lot of shopping went on.  If you haven’t been there, it takes a lot of time to see everything.  They have notions, fashion fabric and a lot of quilting cotton.

0509 Zippers

Since I work in a quilt shop, I don’t buy fabric very often from other places but I did find a few things that we don’t carry.  I am always looking for black and whites so picked up these.

0509 Black and White

Also, the Saturday Sampler for this past year was black and white with another color added.  Each person chose their own color and I had decided on yellow.  I found these great fabrics for the border, backing and binding.

0509 Black, White and Yellow

One of the other types of fabric that I am attracted to is Day of the Dead.  First I found these skeletons on lime green. 

0509 Day of the Dead

Then I found this fabric that had the look of Day of the Dead without screaming it.  When I looked at the end of the bolt I loved the name of the fabric – Wake the Dead.

0509 Wake the Dead

We had a great time and somehow discovered a couple of bottles of wine and hard lemonade that were consumed on the trip home, along with chips and salsa.  Teresa then brought out a big platter of cookies and brownies.

After dropping Dave off at his condo, we headed back to the mall and arrived there around 8 in the evening.  The cost of the trip was the same as the bus would have been but was a lot more fun – although I really like the bus trip also and hope we get enough people to do it again.  Maybe next year.


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