Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moda Bag from Market

0509 Moda Bag

Here is a great new bag that Maetha brought back from Market.  I love fabric with words on it and this bag is covered with very cool words and it is black and white.  What more could you want?

Even better, the pocket is lime green.  It has two handles on each side so it can be carried by the short handles or you can use the shoulder handles – very clever.  After I admired it, Maetha gave it to me – lucky me!

We had a very busy day at the shop today so just a quick post tonight.  Hopefully more tomorrow.



  1. that is great bag!
    I love fabric with words on it too!
    YOU are lucky!
    wonder if they will sell those bags?

  2. Very cute! I hope to see you next Saturday. Some friends and I are doing a mini Marietta shop hop, which is not complete without a visit to Tiny Stitches.


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