Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kiwi Quilt Progress

I worked on the Kiwi Snapshot quilt this morning and finished all the blocks.  I then took the blocks to the shop and used the tables to lay out the quilt.  It was fun since I asked each customer to help move blocks around and most seemed to enjoy helping.

0509 Kiwi Quilt

It was a rainy day here in Georgia and the shop was quite busy – probably because people couldn’t be out in their gardens.  According to our rain gauge, we have had over 1 1/2 inches since yesterday.

Anyway, the blocks are finally arranged to my satisfaction and are rolled up in a flannel backed tablecloth.  Hopefully tomorrow I can sew the top together.  Tonight we are watching the conclusion of Survivor so no sewing.



  1. Very pretty Kiwi Snapshot. Great idea to get opinions on the layout!

  2. Love the Kimi Snapshop. Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun helping with the layout.

  3. Looking good, Melinda! Is this perhaps a Terry Atkinson pattern? It reminds me of the cover of her book "Happy Hour".


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