Monday, May 11, 2015

Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild

We had a brown bag challenge where we put 5 fat quarters in a brown bag and exchanged them.  We had a couple of months to make something out of the fat quarters.  We could add two additional fabrics – any amount and were supposed to use at least some of each of the fat quarters. 

I received 5 fat quarters that were from Lakehouse a few years ago.  They were bright pink, lime green and black.  I looked at them for long time before I decided to make a set of placemats.  Since the pattern I used called for 4 fat quarters on the front, I bought a backing and then added a strip of the 5th fat quarter to each one so the backs are different but made from the same fabrics.

0515 Brown Bag Challenge for Rebecca

The back was a lime green polka dot with a strip of another green stripe.  Turns out that the fat quarters belonged to Rebecca.  I hope she likes her placemats.

I put some Amy Butler fat quarters in my paper bag and was lucky enough to have it given to Pam.  She actually made me a quilt!

0515 Brown Bag Challenge from Pam

Great big Hexies!  I love it!  I really like how she put the border on two sides and let the hexies float off the edge of the quilt.  Also she added a little extra print fabric into the binding. 



  1. Wow you did so received a beautiful hexie quilt................looks great...............
    great idea with the table runners................

  2. Great job. Your placements are really cute and I love the quilt you received. Very fun guild challenge.

  3. I never think to make placemats for friends. I need to remedy that. I love the off - set hexies = such talented friends you have.

  4. Love both projects! The hexie quilt is so interesting.


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