Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ready for Community Service Day at Allatoona

Tomorrow is a community service sew-in at Allatoona.  The guild supplied jelly roll kits for a fun day of jelly roll racing (not really racing but having fun sewing them together).  The collection I got was batiks and I foolishly decided to put a square of black in between each strip.  That was a lot more work than I had anticipated but since I am working on other sewing projects, I used the squares and strips as leaders/enders and finished them up this morning.  I then rolled the strips into a jelly roll so it will be easy to start sewing tomorrow at the meeting.

0315 Ready for Jelly Roll Race

Glad I am ready to go in the morning.  This morning I also boiled several eggs so I can take egg salad tomorrow.  Glad to be a little ahead for a change.



  1. I had a lot of fun making one of would be even more fun with others...ENJOY!!

  2. I love doing jelly roll race quilts. I don't use jelly rolls much but when I want to sew and nothing has excited me, I go buy a jelly roll and sew away.


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