Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home Away from Home at the Hospital

I thought I would share a little about our hospital stay.  I took quilts (of course) and it made it cozy.

Bill had his sock monkey quilt on the bed. He looks a lot better than that now that we are home.  He was having a breathing treatment at the time.

0314 Bill in Hospital

I had a folding chair that turned into a flat surface at night – not sure I would call it a bed, but it was comfortable enough.

0314 Cobb Hospital Bed

0314 Cobb Hospital

I had my socks (I actually finished them in the hospital), my hexies and my iPad.  I had a cuddle quilt to lay on and my flannel quilt to cover me.  I also had my travel pillow so I was all set.

It is amazing what a few quilts will do to make a home away from home.



  1. Thanks for the update. I am so glad that Bill (and you) are safely home. Pam

  2. All of us here hope he has a speedy recovery.


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