Monday, March 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday–March 11, 2013

Today on my design wall is a Shop Hop quilt waiting for binding.

There are 10 shops on the Shop Hop and if you spend $30 at each shop, you will be given a packet of 10 strips.  Each strip is 2 1/2 x 21.  I took all 100 strips and put them together in this quilt, along with a couple of yards of the bright floral fabric.  At each shop, you will also get a copy of the pattern for their quilt.

Here is another quilt that will be at Shop Hop later this week.  Cathy made this one.

I need to write up the pattern for this in time for the Shop Hop.

For more design walls, go to Patchwork Times.



  1. Love your bright colors! So eye-catching!

  2. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I love your strip quilt. The colors are so wonderful together. The snowball one is nice for showcasing fabrics. Wish I could go to the shop hop!

  3. Oh you are going to be busy in the next few days! Good luck, and have a fun shop hop!


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