Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is Here!

This is what is in my side yard today.  It was over 70 degrees and beautiful and should get to be almost 80 for the next couple of days.

I thought I would share a few photos of a customer quilt I delivered last week.  It was a very large and very green quilt.  It was too large to get a good photo of so I took a couple of photos of blocks.

As you can probably tell, the quilt gets darker with each row.  It is a beautiful quilt.



  1. I love Spring. You are warmer than us right now.

  2. I took some photos of white rooster violets today, as well as my redbud tree blooming. Spring seems to have sprung! I hope there is not a cold snap lurking around the bend. We are never safe until after Easter.


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