Wednesday, September 19, 2007

PT Cruiser

I bought a new PT Cruiser yesterday. I went to get my camera to take a picture of it to post and guess what - I can't find it again. I know I had it at the quilt show on Sunday and have been through everything I brought home and still can't find it.

Anyway - the PT Cruiser is red and very cute. I had done a lot of research about cars on the internet so actually buying it was fairly easy. I spent the afternoon looking and drove it home last night. Even got the rental car turned back in before I had to pay for it - the insurance covered 8 days and that is how long I had it.

I guess I will go camera shopping again. I looked at one place today and found a lime green camera but it used AA batteries and I won't buy one that doesn't have a rechargable battery.


  1. On the Camera issue, when I was in the market for a Camera I specifically bought one with AA batteries, because AA batteries can also be recharged (Environmental issue nixed), and because I knew I was going on a big journey to Taiwan, where, sure enough, I would not have been able to recharge it without buying an adapter, but I was able to buy AA batteries, so that I didnt have to go the last 2 weeks after using up my rechargeable ones without taking pictures.

    It is not heavier or larger than other cameras, and more than once have I been able to switch batteries where others couldnt do anything before they got home and could recharge it.


  2. My camera useds AA's -- and I use rechargables. It's great. Plus, I know that if I'm out somewhere and my batteries are low, the chances are I can get AA's -- and not miss out on taking pictures!

  3. great quilts and awesome ribbons from the quilt show! Well done! :)
    Glad no one was hurt badly in the car accident!
    Hope you geta great camera!


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