Thursday, July 10, 2008

Purse Club

I taught purse club last night. There were six students and 5 of them made a variation of the grocery tote.

This one is the happy result of a cutting error. Instead of making in wider than tall, this one is taller than wide. It has a new "green" fabric on it. She plans on making them for all the people she works with for Christmas.

Here is a standard grocery tote. There were 3 made last night using the word fabric.

Another grocery tote with slightly different handles.

Kim made hers with dog fabric - perfect for a trip to the pet store or to buy dog food.

One more grocery tote.

Lisa worked on her Summer Bag and finished it last night. She started it last month but hadn't put the zipper in yet. That is done now and it is a nice bag.

Next month we are going to feature a tote made from charms. Should be fun.

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  1. Great totes - I just bought some of that screening on the weekend to make some clothespin bags - now I have to make totes as well!


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