Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bottle Tree

I have been wanting to make a bottle tree for a long time. I have been collecting bottles but obviously don't drink enough wine because I have a very puny tree so far. I did find that Trader Joe's has sparkling water in blue bottles so that is my plan - drink lots of water so I can use the bottles on the tree.

I really want only blue bottles on the tree but I am using green ones also for now. Hopefully I can replace them eventually with blue.

Bill planted the tree trunk several weeks ago but finally got around to drilling the holes for the sticks to hold the bottles a couple of days ago. I need lots more bottles for it to really look good. It is great with the sun shinning on it.

I have been collecting photos of bottle trees for at least a couple of years and now I finally have one!


  1. I had NO idea that this was a thing that normal people do! My husband and his buddies were being "guys" in our back yard one day this spring and they created a rather odd looking bottle tree (NOTHING LIKE YOURS!) and put arms all over it for their beer bottles! I was amused when I saw it, and let it be figuring my husband would take it down. Nope. He was very proud of their creation. Thankfully, it was so shoddily made that after a few days of Florida humidity and one rain storm it started to lean towards the ground until it finally touched the grass. Naturally, half the bottles fell to the ground and, well, that was the last of the "Bud Tree" as the boys named it. I love your tree, however, and cant wait to show my husband what he CAN create in our yard! Well done!

  2. I've never seen anything like this before. What a clever idea, and I'm looking forward to see how you progress. I fear that with the amount of wind and rain we get here that such a thing wouldn't last very well


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