Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bad Storms in Georgia

We had big storms last night. The thunder and lightning were happening at just about the same time. It rained really hard and lots of wind. It was over in about an hour. Bill was at his bowling night so it was just me and the little doggies. Chula gets so scared that I had to hold her until it was all over.

The electricity went out several times and finally the electricity and cable both went out. The electricity came back but it took several hours for the cable to get back.

When I went out to the garage this morning to go to guild, this is what I found - a big pile of tree limbs.

After Bill came home from work, he went out in the yard and finally found where it came from. It looks like the tree got hit by lightning (I told you the lightning and thunder were at the same time). This is a very tall tree - I guess it isn't quite as tall as it was yesterday.

This is the third tree that has been hit by lightning since we moved here nine years ago. The first time was the only tree in our front yard. It was a 80 foot tall oak. The lightning split the tree down the middle and we had to have it removed. We now have a 15 foot tall maple. Quite a difference. We have a hundred or so trees, but only one in the front yard.

The next time was a tree in the side yard and the top broke off and ended up in the street. The tree survived. It looks like this one will survive also.

While I was looking for where the branches came from, I saw this bird's nest. It is hard it see what size this is but believe me, it is big. Not sure what kind of bird we have around here that makes a nest this large. It is really up high in the tree - way above the top of the house.


  1. Isn't it heartbreaking to see old and well-loved trees damaged. You must have been so upset to lose your old oak tree.

  2. Sorry about the tree, but I'm glad you're safe.


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