Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stashbusher Topic of the Week - What kind of quilter are you?

Are you a machine quilter, hand quilter or a send it out to be quilted quilter? What is your taste in quilting? Stitch in the ditch, outlining, heavy detailed quilting, all over quilting?

The above is the Stashbuster topic of the week. I have only quilted one hand quilting project and it was a small angel wallhanging that my daughter has hanging in her 4th grade classroom.

I also have not done any machine quilting on my domestic sewing machine. However I do have a longarm quilting business so I quilt almost every day. I like quilts that are heavily quilted however that is not what most customers are prepared to pay for. I love doing simple allover designs for customers but have developed a following for custom quilting.

I love custom quilting - it is so much fun to look at a quilt and be able to quilt it to enhance the piecing/applique by quilting the top. I think my favorite quilt that I have quilted is the Guild Raffle Quilt for the East Cobb Quilt Guild. You can see it at my webshots or at . I also recently finished quilting a wonderful Home Sweet Home quilt that is also in my webshots under Customer Quilts 2007.

For my own quilts, most of the ones I make are samples for Tiny Stitches so I usually need to get them done quickly. Therefore I usually just do a panto on them.

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  1. I love to piece the top and write a check for the quilting. I have taken several machine quilting classes for my Bernina and I just don't enjoy that part of the to a longarm quilter I go. How can I see your webshots? Your quilting on the guild quilt is beautiful.


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