Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Postcard Workshop

I taught another postcard workshop last night. We also got the first rain in a long time - right when we were arriving at the workshop and a real downpour when we left. Since we are behind more than 12 inches in rain, I am not really complaining. Of course, it does feel like a sauna with the 90+ temperature and the rain. This workshop was for the night group that is part of the ECQG. We are still making postcards to use for publicity for the quilt show coming up in September. Many have already been sent to the press but now we would like enough to send to all the quilt guilds in Georgia and some for Alabama and Tennessee. Lots of quilt guilds.

Here are the cards that were completed during the workshop. In addition, several people took theirs home to finish and turn in later.

Everyone always has so much fun learning to make postcards - I love to teach it and share the postcards that I have received from others. I have over 200 cards from all over the world and they are real treasures.

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