Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Been Quilting

Sorry I haven't posted recently but I have been quilting and quilting and quilting. The above is Mary's Color Rainbow that needed to be quilted in time for her to enter it into the ECQG show in September. The deadline for entry is June 30. Fortunately for me, the quilts don't have to be quilted for entry. My color rainbow is going to be entered but I just ran out of time to get it quilted.

I also finished 3 other quilts that are going in the show along with a wedding present quilt. All required custom quilting and that takes me quite a while to do each one. Pictures of them are posted on my webshots which is listed on the sidebar.

I did call today to the Gammill dealer to order the table modification that will allow me to sit down to do custom quilting. I finally decided to spend the money. I should get it in after I come back from vacation, in time to start quilting the rest of the quilts for the show. It won't help when doing pantographs but will with custom. It seems like most of my business is custom anyway.

I also signed up for a class with Jamie Wallen at the Gammill Dealer. I think it is the week after the quilt show. He does beautiful work and I love taking classes from some of the best longarm teachers. The last class I took was from Nicole Webb and I learned so much.


  1. I love the quilt. Is it from a pattern or an original design?


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