Thursday, June 07, 2007

Redwork Quilt

On the Pat Sloan Yahoo group we have been talking about redwork quilts. I made one a few years ago. Actually, I made the center of the quilt and since it was a round robin, others added the borders, while I added borders to theirs.

I think it turned out very nice. I wasn't very happy about the last border with the celtic type stitching but decided to leave it and finish it up. I did several round robins with this group of women and almost all of them did very good work.

It was quilted before I had my Gammill and was done very nicely.

Here is the center block. The designs came from a pattern pack that is still available at Tiny Stitches where I work. I bought them from a different quilt shop several years ago and was surprised to see they are still available. I think the pattern pack has about 9 different designs but these were my favorites.

I really enjoy redwork - perhaps I should get some ready to take on the cruise to Mexico next month. We will be on the ship for 6 days so I need handwork of some sort to take. I purchased a kit for a Christmas Redwork quilt a couple of years ago at the Nashville Quilt Show and think I will try to find it in my closet of kits and UFOs and take it with me.

My sister called this morning - she wants to go to a Mary Ellen Hopkins seminar in Las Vegas right after we get back from the cruise. I have been trying to decide if I want to go - that isn't correct, I know I want to go, but can't decide if it is smart for me to take the extra time and money to do it. We have been to this seminar several other times and have always had a great time and I think she talked me into it.

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  1. Your redwork quilt is adorable. I started doing redwork earlier this year and I love the portability of it. Have fun on your cruise.


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