Wednesday, May 07, 2014

May Hexie BOM

I finished my May block for the Hexie BOM.  It still needs to have the antena embroidered on. 

I love this block. 



  1. LOL Your fast off the mark! It I love it too : )
    It never occured to me that it might be a butterfly but its a perfect choice of design.
    Im itching to start mine but am busy knitting bits for a planned yarn bombing in Hull. We are also making up a knitted version of a Homer painting and they all need to be finished by months end. Good job theres several of us contributing!
    The knitted 'painting' is part of an event taking place in Hull to celebrate the herring fishermen and the women who gutted the fish once caught. Its also to remember the worst fishing disaster in British history, the Eyemouth disaster.

  2. Piece is wonderful and the color choices are GREAT!


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