Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beginning Machine Piecing–Class Eight–Graduation

We had a wonderful time on Monday night.  Since it was the last class, we had a little party.  I even made homemade ice cream and the students brought in cookies, cupcakes, banana bread and strawberries.  We got at least some of the borders on their quilts.  Here they are.

0514 Class 8 - 1

0514 Class 8 - 2

0514 Class 8 - 3

0614 Class 8 - 4

0614 Class 8 - 5

I am so proud of them – they all did a great job.



  1. Bravo! Your students did great work -- obviously they had a great teacher and they sure look happy! Thanks for bringing more into the fold!

  2. They did wonderfully! I have been teaching a group of beginners too, it's really fun!


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