Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hexie Club

We had Hexie Club on Tuesday night.  I forgot to bring my butterfly but here are a few of the blocks that were shared.

0514 May Blocks

Rosemarie found a fun hexie box on Pinterest and made it.

0514 Rosemarie's box

0514 Rosemarie's box open

She also found a quilt top at one of the local thrift shops.

0514 Thrift Store find

It was pieced by hand – not using papers.



  1. Someone didn't realize what they had when they gave that quilt away!

  2. that box is adorable. Gosh, I had a book with some cardboard boxes that were covered in fabric, and made one as a teenager, it was cute, this one is fantastic... I want to PIN it too.

  3. Smashing flutterbys, amazing quilt buy!!
    Love that little box, looks lovely!


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