Monday, June 18, 2012

Piecemakers Exchange

We did the exchange and had a wonderful potluck lunch.  I made a cabbage chicken salad and it turned out great.  I had enough left over that I had it for dinner also.  When I went to the store to buy a chicken for the salad, I saw the blackberries so I also made a blackberry cobbler.  It was yummy and it got completely eaten – no leftovers.

Here are the blocks I received in the exchange.

Jan and I made extra blocks but forgot we had done them.  We had a set leftover and it took until this afternoon to realize that those were the ones we were supposed to split.  That means that I have 8 more coming next time I see Jan, which should be Friday at the quilt show meeting.

Now the next challenge will be to complete a quilt using these blocks by our Christmas meeting.  I have a couple of ideas but will wait until I see all the blocks together before I decide.


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