Monday, June 18, 2012

Design Wall Monday–June 18, 2012

My design wall has changed a little.  I am stacking up the leader/ender pieces of Smokey Mountain Stars until I get them all made.  It is too big for the design wall at this point.  I will have to lay it out on a flannel backed tablecloth – a big one!

What is on my design wall is six blocks for my scrappy trips around the world.  There will be 36 blocks in total and I would like to have at least half made before we go to Las Vegas.  I need to have several in process as teaching aids so can’t get them all done.  I have been trying to design a border for it but am struggling.  I may try to find a multi-colored batik and call it done.  The major problem is that for the design to look good, it needs to be even number of rows and blocks.  The center of the quilt will turn out to be 72 inches square so the border can’t be too big or it will be too big for my bed.

Here it is right now.

For more design walls, go to Patchwork Times.  I love to look at all of the inspiration on Mondays.



  1. Love it! I want to play with this idea too- oh so many great quilts so little time- must sew faster!

  2. Love it. And seriously I love your header quilt. Every time I come here. I think, I gotta have that quilt!!!

  3. Oh, no, Sue is trying to get my quilt (which will be off the bed with the trip around the world quilt is done, right?)


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