Thursday, September 02, 2010

New Project – Again

I am still working on the Moda Bake Shop project with Origins by Basic Grey but have also brought home another collection.

Back Camera

Look at these wonderful browns.  For many years I avoided brown and hated to put it in a quilt but these won me over.  I love the clear brown and white.

I am planning on making a 5, 10, 20 quilt.  I have made this one with 10 half yards.

I also made this one with 20 fat quarters earlier this year, using very soft colors.

The brown and white will be made with 5 yards of fabric.  It is a quick and easy quilt and I think it will be interesting to see the difference between yardage amounts.



  1. I used to hate brown too. Like you it's slowly winning me over. Strange how color can do that. I really like your brown fabrics. They will be beautiful in the quilt.

  2. I LOVE brown. And those prints will be so cool in that pattern!

  3. Those are great browns - very yummy! I too used to hate brown. There was waaaayyy too much of it in the 70's. But the new browns are starting to win me over. I wonder what's different?

    I love your idea of seeing how the different yardage amounts will affect the way the quilt will look. Fun!


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