Monday, September 06, 2010

Design Wall Monday – September 6

Here is what is on my design wall today.  It is the start of a project from Moda Bake Shop. It is call Crossing Paths and is made from a layer cake of Origins by Basic Grey of Moda.  I especially like the grunge white and black used for the background and sashing.

I still have lots more blocks to make before the final arrangement.

For more design walls, visit Judy’s blog here.



  1. I love your Crossing Path and had to check the Bake Shop Tutorial. They have so many cool recipes. Happy Labor Day and Happy sewing!

  2. oh I like the graphic look of this design Melinda, keep the pictures coming!!

  3. I love the way the black lines make it stand out! Happy Labor Day!

  4. Great start! I like the Grunge fabrics too.


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